Mark Smith producer, songwriter & session player

A recording-industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Mark Smith has had, as either a songwriter or producer, more than 100 songs released in his native Germany, at least all over Europe and Asia.

In addition, he's contributed to 10 No. 1-ranking albums, include gold - and platinum awards.

Since landing his first major production deal in 1996, Big Smith is well connected to record companies in Germany. He also had a brief recording career of his own, with his band in the late '90s. He performed live over 1000 times.

As a producer he gigged around the world in the biggest studios in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Chicago and enjoyed amazing collaborations with Tom Tom 84 (Earth, Wind & Fire), Eddie Hustle (Usher, TLC), Andrew Roachford, Martin Sutton (Celin Dion), Herbie Critchlow (BSB), Dion Murdock (Mother`s finest), Luis Jardim (Eric Clapton), Al Stone (Jamiroquai), Jost Nickel (Jan Delay, Mousse T.) and Bob Clearmountain... to name but a few.

Though Big Smith's focus is pop music, he loves, and excels at, everything, as long it is groovy and touchy.

He's also a staunch supporter of young talents and enjoys helping them make their dreams reality.

In short, if music is your business, feel free to contact him !